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The Leonardo Project
Converting a car in a Hybrid Solar Vehicle

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Patented by the University of Salerno a system to convert a car into a Hybrid Solar Vehicle. Details at The Italian Ministry MIUR has financed a project to verify the applicability of this idea.

Do you think that Hybrid Solar Vehicles could effectively contribute to reduce CO2 emissions and fossil fuel depletion? Participate to the Forum.

Fuel savings?
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Perhaps there is a better way to do it. The reasons for developing Hybrid Solar Vehicles are presented here

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The prototype of HSV and a racing car developed at the University of Salerno at Motor Show 2009 in Bologna. Details on the News.

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This project is a work in progress. We would greatly appreciate your comments. An on-line survey is available here. This exercise should take you a few minutes.

Papers, projects, books, links and events on hybrid and solar vehicles and related topics. Proceedings of the Worskshop on Hybrid ansd Solar vehicles available here.